I’ve never seen water so clear that you can see the surface beneath it; only murky lakes stripped off their beauty by mankind.
I’ve never seen mountains so tall that they kiss the skies; only barren hillocks naked to the winds.
I’ve never seen luscious green leaves surging with life; only dull withered leaves covered in dust.
I’ve never had the pleasure of plucking a plump apple from a tree only to have it’s sweetness dripping down my chin; only artificial fruits laden with chemicals.
I’ve never seen the sky flaunting it’s gem like stars; only dull skies clouded with pollution.
I’ve never felt the blades of grass prickling my back, only stony surfaces inhabited by ants.
I’ve never felt the howling wind whipping through my hair; only the occasional subtle breezes.
I’ve never felt complete silence being disturbed by the music of the birds; only the incessant buzzing of the traffic.
But there’s a beauty even in this lifeless world. There’s beauty in the murky water because you can see the algae floating on top of it. And if you focus hard enough, you can see them thriving the harsh sunlight.
There’s beauty in the barren hillocks because you can see the ants making a home for themselves and you can see the caterpillars burrowing themselves in the ground.
There’s beauty in the withered leaves because it reminds me that one day I’m going to wither away too. My now taut skin is going to wrinkle till it’s dire.
Artificial fruits don’t make me frown anymore, because perfection is an illusion.
I don’t hate the hidden stars anymore because then I can let my imagination run wild.
I like that the soil is stripped off its vegetation because then I can see the ants struggling to search for food.
I like that the wind is never whipping around me, because the subtle wind gives me a nudge of reassurance.
And lastly, I like the constant buzz of the mechanical life around me because it never fails to remind me that there is life around me, despite the dreariness in mine.


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