(Excerpt #1 from an unwritten book.)

Tears clouded her blue eyes as she stared at the woman in front of her. The woman’s once glossy black hair was now dry and brittle. Her skin so transparent that you could see her veins through it. Needles pricked her skin to release morphine into her blood stream, and yet she lay barely conscious. The young girl flipped through the photo album that she had found wedged between the lose grasp of the woman’s arms.

Tucked between a photograph and the thin film of the plastic was a lone Campion flower. It has long lost its delicate fragrance and it’s blush petals had turned brown over time. Her blue eyes shifted in confusion. Campion flowers couldn’t ever be found in a place like Greenland. It was only native to the warm grasslands of Nothern Ireland. She remembered how her sister would giggle every time she tried to braid them into her hair. Moreover, the flower would have to be over 25 years old since they were declared extinct in 1992. She wiped her eyes and moved her eyes to the photograph. A young boy with blond hair stood with his hands wrapped around a girl. Her jet black hair in contrast to the vibrant grass around them. She was smiling at the delicate flower in her hand. It was the most beautiful picture she had ever seen. Smiling delicately she put the flower back in the album.

“I didn’t know you lived in Northern Ireland. It’s a beautiful picture you got there” The girl whispered.
“Oh love. It was a long time ago”. She rasped but her tired eyes lit up at the memory. “I was around your age and I’d spend my days in the grasslands and my nights skinny dipping in the lakes. That’s where I met him. We’d spend every minute of everyday together. It was so surreal. At first I hated him, but he kept showing up at my door. So very clichéd, but god it was wonderful.” she smiled at the young girl through her own tears.
“What happened?”
“I left Ireland. Turns out he never stopped looking for me. Fifteen years later I buried him. He got into an accident and the GPS of his car had my location on it.”
Her eyes were full of sadness, it was like she’d buried him only yesterday. The pain in her voice so inevitable that she had to choke out the rest of her words.
“God I never stopped loving him. I  hope that someday you’ll find someone to love you like no tomorrow, and I hope you’ll let them love you, rather than run away like you always do. Sometimes, I would feel his touch on me while I slept, only it wasn’t him.”

It was hard to tell what was worse – the fact that she had ended up spending her life with a man she never loved, or that she got euthanised three days later.


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